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Named after the phoenix and living in a habitat, it embodies the meaning of auspiciousness, auspiciousness, and prosperity, providing a peaceful and leisurely environment. It is a great choice for your living and leisure.
The Chengdu Fengqi Hotel is located at No. 112 Caojia Lane in the cultural and creative district of "Beimenli Love Lane" in the central urban area of Chengdu. It is situated in the Taikoo Li commercial district of Chunxi Road, adjacent to the famous internet famous snack street "Craftsman's Lane". The transportation around the hotel is convenient, and it takes only 5 minutes by car to reach Wenshu Academy, and 10 minutes to reach Taikoo Li on Chunxi Road. The surrounding environment of the hotel is elegant, allowing you to appreciate the vitality of the new Chengdu and taste the charm of the old Chengdu. You can feel the modern style of the city and touch the fireworks of the market. The hotel takes a quiet and secluded place in the bustling city, enjoying a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.
The Fengqi Hotel in Chengdu is themed with a new Chinese style, blending the elegant charm of traditional calligraphy and painting with the minimalist style of modern classics. It is decorated with black gold wood furniture, interpreting the cultural heritage and heavy carrying capacity of Chinese hotels. It showcases the solitary craftsmanship and elegant romance of Fengqi colleagues, allowing you to enjoy the reverence and inheritance of ancient charm and modern elegance. The hotel is well-equipped and equipped with 114 guest rooms, equipped with dining areas such as Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, and cafes, for you to taste various flavors of fine wine and cuisine; Supporting multi-functional conference halls, tea houses, chess and card rooms and other entertainment venues, we provide you with diverse and personalized relaxation experiences.
The Chengdu Fengqi Hotel has 6 multi-functional banquet halls with a height of 8 meters and an area of 1000 square meters, which can accommodate 1000 guests. It is equipped with American imported multimedia facilities, P2.5 LED large screens, and high-end audio-visual and lighting systems. The venue can be arranged in theater style, island style, desk style, and other styles, providing services such as banquets, annual meetings, wedding banquets, and performances. The hotel also has a dedicated conference service department, providing "one-stop" precision services and tailoring exclusive conference activity plans for you.
In addition, a paper cultural relic restoration museum has been established in the hotel, which houses nearly a thousand paper collections. It is responsible for organizing, rescuing, and restoring ancient books, inscriptions, calligraphy and painting, archival books, and document materials in the southwest region. You can experience the restoration and protection of paper cultural relics up close and immersive, becoming a participant and inheritor of witnessing history, protecting history, and writing history.
We will warmly welcome you with sincere enthusiasm, pure standards, and thoughtful service, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being at home and leaving you with a beautiful memory!

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